6 Popular Kinds Of Soccer Bets Explained

Betting on the world’s most popular sport can take some trial and error, and it’s important to take the time to learn how the bets work and how much can be made off of a single wager. It’s a long process that takes time and patience, but can be extremely rewarding in the long run.

There are a number of different bets to choose from when it comes to wagering on a soccer game, and almost all of them will be offered by online bookies. For those interesting in breaking into the world of soccer betting, these are the most popular bets to take note of.

1. Straight bet

Also known as a single, this is the most common type of bet available to bettors, and the simplest to understand, and is best for those coming from a different betting background, such as online bingo UK.

Here, the bettor puts their money down on the team that they believe will win the game. It’s as straightforward as that; although the amount that can be done tends to be much lower than what’s offered by other kinds of bets that come with higher risk.

2. Double Bet

Similar to a straight bet in almost every save for the fact that it is instead made up of no more than two bets. In order for the wager to pay out, both of the bets need to be won.

This often includes putting money down on two different teams, and the bet will only be won if both of those teams win their respective matches.

3. Multiple Bet

The multiple bet is commonly known as the combination or parley bet, and usually involves combining two or more bets into one. It usually also comes with a much higher risk than a straight bet, but if all the bets turn out in the bettor’s favour, the rewards can be extremely high.

It should be noted that a bet is only successful if every bet taken out for the multiple is successful. If a number of teams or games are bet on, then those soccer teams and games will all need to turn out successful in order for the bet to be fulfilled.

4. Accumulator Bet

This is one that is slightly more complex, but works in much the same way as the multiple. Here, there will always be four or more bets involved, and they can be taken place at the beginning of a season or tournament, or be more bets can be added as the season or tournament progresses.

These are also often carry much higher risk due to the fact that every bet involved needs to turn out successfully, but they can pay out in massive amounts by the end of the event.

5. Total Goals

A relatively simple bet that can be taken out by anyone, this involves simply wagering the total amount of goals that will be scored in a match.

6. Prop Bet

This is aimed for those that are bored of the other bets, prop bets see the bettor wagering on different events and scenarios in the game, such as who will be named man of the match.