All You Need To Know About Greyhound Betting

Greyhound racing is quite a popular sport in the United Kingdom (UK) and a favoured betting choice among punters. While the sport is very straightforward, numerous betting strategies could ensure a winning ticket. This article addresses the different approaches to turn a profit from greyhound bets.

Greyhound Win Bet

A greyhound win bet means just that; you place a bet on the dog which you think will win the race. This is possibly the most simple and straightforward kind of greyhound racing bet that you can place; you are picking the dog that you think will win. Select your winning greyhound, place your bet and then keep your fingers crossed!

There is constantly a favourite for a race and this is who the bookies think will be the most likely winner. This will be shown in the betting odds which you’re offered – a favourite is seen as the most likely to win.

Those dogs that are seen to be more likely to lose will have bigger odds. This means that you will get more money if they do win however statistically, they are less likely based on their earlier form or breeding.

You Can Go More Extravagant In Search Of Bigger Wins

When it comes to the far more elaborate bets, there is the straight forecast, reverse forecast, straight tricast or – alternatively -combination tricast.

A straight forecast or – alternatively a straight tricast – are types of greyhounds odds where you pick the first two or three greyhounds past the post in the order in which they cross the line. Keep in mind that, however, that these are tougher tips to land as opposed to simply picking the winner based on greyhound results, although the rewards will of course be greater.

Slightly easier, however requiring multiple bets as opposed to one, are reverse forecasts (two bets) as well as combination tricasts (six bets). The former allows you to choose the first two finishers in any order, while the latter is a dart at predicting the first three traps to pass the judge, in any sequence.

How To Place Bets On Greyhounds: Tips And Tricks

There’s no fool-proof approach to guarantee a winning bet every time, just like playing at online bingo sites in Australia, a lot of luck and chance come into the equation. However, consider the following tips in order to increase winnings.

Obtain The Greyhound’s Complete Information

Prior to placing a bet, become acquainted with the hound(s) that you’re betting on. Obtain complete information on your hound, as well as age, breeding, and recent racing performance.

Choose A Hound With Consistent Performance

One of the best hound racing tips for beginners is to monitor the dog’s performance. If a particular hound has been performing well regularly, it will probably continue to do so. Ensure that you don’t choose a dog that has with an irregular racing pattern.

Check The Box Draw And Track

Some dogs perform differently on different tracks. Ensure that the dog has adapted well to the track that it will run on. Also, you should be wary of the odds. Check the results from previous races and past odds in order to adjust your bet size accordingly.