Understanding The ICC Cricket Test Championship

The ICC Cricket Test Championship is a little different to most other sporting tournaments. It’s a way of pitting the best Test-playing nations against one another without having to adhere to a strict competition format. The competition actually runs over two years at a time and nations are left to plan their matches with their opponents at times that suit them.

All eligible nations are given specific criteria and need to arrange their Test series accordingly if they wish to be considered for the tournament. They need to each face six different opponents within the time frame and in a Test series of between two and five matches. Three of the series must be played at home and three must be played away.

How The Points Work

With so many variables, it was a job to create the system for points and working out who will progress to the final. The ICC placed a strong emphasis on getting Test series off the ground rather than how many matches were actually played. Nations win points for winning matches and then those points are added up as a percentage. This means that a team with 5 wins in a 5-match series will have the same percentage of points as a team that wins 2 matches in a 2-match series.

For a win, a team will receive 12 points (100%). For a tie – meaning when the scores are level at the last ball bowled – both teams will receive 6 points (50%). For a draw, both teams will receive 4 points (33.33%). These points are tallied at the end of the two-year period and the top two teams play off in a final.

How To Place Your Bets

In the current Test Championship, India are the favorites to win. This is despite the fact that they are the runners up from the inaugural Championship and New Zealand are the defending champions. That being said, you don’t have to just place bets on the overall outcome of the Championship. There are many ways to have fun and win money throughout the Championship.

In Test matches, it’s common to bet on the outcome of the game like you would at, as well as who will win the toss, the condition of the pitch and how it will wear through the match, and the ball and its condition. You can also bet on the series as a whole – who will win, how many matches each team will win, who will get the various Player of the Match awards, as well as the Player of the Series award.

When it comes to the Test Championship, you can also place your bets on how many points or percentage of points each team will walk away with in each series. Another way to look at it is to bet on who will come out on top of the rankings after a series or set of series have been played. Just be sure that you’re looking at series that are part of the Championship officially.