How To Choose The Right Boxer To Wager On

Boxing betting is a thrilling and rewarding pastime that all punters should give a try at one point or another. There are many different types of boxing, including various weights and events, and each offers something new when it comes to boxing betting.

For those punters that are new to the scene, it might be difficult choosing the right boxer. Fortunately, we’ve made a list of some of the most common traits to keep an eye out for when it comes to a good boxer, so keep reading to find out more.

1. There Wins/Loss Ratio

The wins and losses of a boxer should be one of the most important aspects that a bettor factors when choosing a boxer. Those boxers that have rarely lost any matches during the length of their careers usually have the highest probability of coming out victorious. Experience in the ring can make all the difference, so having a look at how many times they’ve won and lost over the years can help a bettor see their bets find success on a more consistent basis.

2. The Number Of Rounds Won

There are a lot of pro boxers that use the strategy of letting their competitor get in as many hits as possible and wearing themselves out in the process. They will often do this until the end of the first round, and then follow up with a strong offence during the second round of the match.

This is something that should be looked at when deciding on an athlete to wager on. It can help a punter make the right decision, as it gives them an idea of when the boxer tends to gain the upper hand, and what kind of strategies that they like to employ during their fighting matches.

3. Choosing The Odds

 It might be tempting to choose the odds that are put on offer by a bookmaker, but it’s important to keep in mind that often enough these bets are based on the overall popularity of the boxer and might not really reflect the probable outcome of the match. It’s much better instead to spend some time doing research on the boxer, their history, how many times they’ve won, which part of the match they tend to win more often, and use all of this information to build a comprehensive overview of the boxer, and these skills can also apply to other kinds of betting, like when you play roulette in Canada.

4. Their Types of Wins

Not all wins are the same, and it can very much depend on the skills and habits of the boxer to determine how they will win a match. Boxers that tend to knockout as early as possible are usually a much safer bet, although there’s always the possibility that a boxer that likes to take his time and then overpower his opponent at the end can also be a safe choice. It ultimately depends on the boxers and how they have performed over their last few matches.