Horse Racing Betting Systems – Fact vs. Fiction

Your friend, claiming to be a horse betting expert, tells you all sorts of fishy things. It would be best if you always bet on the favourite. All the races are fixed and predetermined.

The myths have been around for decades, and you probably already know that most of them are nonsense. But, it also doesn’t hurt to hear the nonsense debunked. We rounded up a few of the most common horse betting myths, simply so we can set the record straight. Make sure you read these before making your decisions for Melbourne Cup betting.

Horse Racing Is Fixed

There is always someone out there who will insist that horse racing is fixed. It goes without saying that such a notion is utterly ridiculous, not in the least due to the outrageous levels of intercontinental coordination necessary for such a thing. Are the thousands of jockeys and trainers, many from different countries all over the world, part of a global conspiracy? How delusional.

Of course, horse racing isn’t fixed. The sport is, in fact, amongst the most hotly contested in the world today, with competing breeders and trainers fighting it out for huge cash prizes. Strangely, many seem to forget that a horse race is just that; a race. If a trainer doesn’t win, that trainer is losing out on a million-dollar prize.

Always Bet On The Favourite

This myth, at least, is a bit more sensible. Yes, it does make sense to bet on the favourite. The favourite is, after all, the most likely horse to win, right?

Yes, based on various factors the favourite horse to win is a good choice, but there is much more going on than just calling a horse a favourite. Every horse in a race like the Kentucky Derby is a thoroughbred, meaning that it is going to perform well. When a bookie calls a horse the favourite that bookie is, let’s not forget, making a guess. You can do your own research, look into statistics and other data, and make a guess of your own.

To put it another way; it isn’t that often that the favourite outright wins.

You Can Only Make One Bet On a Horse To Win

This myth perhaps comes from a lack of knowledge, but is still strangely persistent. No, you don’t have to bet on a single horse To-Win. You can bet on a horse to Place or to Show, meaning that the animal only has to come second or third for you to win.

There are many bets available, each coming with a degree of risk and reward. Look into all your options before you make a decision.

Do Your Research

With so many myths about horse racing, it really is best to simply do your own research. Your ‘expert’ friends probably mean well, but when it comes to betting you are better off looking into it for yourself. There are many exciting races to bet on, and the more you know the better your chances of walking away a winner.