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Why Soccer Is The Right Choice For Betting

Sports betting is one of the most exciting pastimes in the world, and one that’s enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people from around the world. With the vast number of bets that are available, the ease of access that the internet provides us, and the many international events that take place every year, being a sports bettor has never been easier, and for those that are new to the scene, soccer is generally considered as the best place to start.

4 Huge Cricket World Cup Betting Upsets

Like all sports betting, cricket is a game of percentages. Favourites are favourites for a reason: because bookmakers are pretty sure they’ll win. Likewise, underdogs are not statistically likely to come out on top, so they get longer odds. Betting sites can afford the risk, as those bets are almost guaranteed not to win. Sometimes, however, an underdog will pull off a glorious upset. This leaves bookies glum but delights lucky punters.

The Worlds Biggest Greyhound Events

Greyhound racing is starting to see a bit of a drop due to many new anti-greyhound racing laws being put into place around the world. Despite this, it remains an extremely popular pastime for millions of people, and sees some of the most competitive racing action in the sporting world. Greyhound racing has a long and prestigious history that can be traced back to royalty in Britain. Today, the races can be found all over the globe, from their original home in the UK to the racing grounds of Australia. For those that want to try and break into the… Read more >

6 Popular Kinds Of Soccer Bets Explained

Betting on the world’s most popular sport can take some trial and error, and it’s important to take the time to learn how the bets work and how much can be made off of a single wager. It’s a long process that takes time and patience, but can be extremely rewarding in the long run. There are a number of different bets to choose from when it comes to wagering on a soccer game, and almost all of them will be offered by online bookies. For those interesting in breaking into the world of soccer betting, these are the most… Read more >

10 Terms You Need to Know When You Start Horse Racing Betting

There are plenty of horse racing betting types to choose from owing to the popularity of the sport amongst punters. Here are 10 terms you should know: 1. Win This is the most straight-forward horse racing betting type of all and the most popular by far. All you’ll need to do is correctly predict which selection will come in 1st place. 2. Place Another horse racing betting type perfect for beginners is the place bet. You will need to correctly predict which selection will come in 1st or 2nd place for a bet of this type to be successful. 3…. Read more >

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Horse Racing Betting

Not only is horse racing one of the most popular sports in the world, but it’s also one of the most popular sport for betting – if not the most popular of all! With events taking place on a near daily basis, there is never a shortage of opportunities for betting on horse racing, but you’ll need some tips from the sports betting masters if you’re hoping to get in on the action. Start Low and Slow The most important piece of advice we can offer beginner punters is to start with small stakes and increase your bets as your… Read more >

Ultimate Guide to Greyhound Betting

There are many factors to consider when it comes to success in greyhound racing betting – track conditions, running styles, knowledge of specific tracks, managing your bankroll – but which of these factors outweigh the others in importance? Or is it a combination factors which improves the chances of success? Find out in our ultimate guide to greyhound betting and wager like the pros. Check the Course Conditions Track conditions play a major part in greyhound racing and it’s a good idea to watch the first few races for the day to identify biases before putting any money down. Wet… Read more >