Betting on International Leagues In NZ – Top Tips and Info

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Sports League Betting In New Zealand

In New Zealand one can place bets online on a number of national sports leagues including things such as rugby and cricket. There is also a big market however for international leagues such as the NBA or the NFL, which are based in America. Most of the sports betting sites which offer betting on these are based off shore, which means that winnings are tax free for NZ citizens.

Betting on these adds an edge of excitement which is not found when betting on local games. Mostly this is because the international sports leagues are a bit exotic, such as basketball, and are not often played locally. Betting on these international leagues should be done just like any other sports betting, with a good knowledge of the sport and the players.

Researching International Leagues

Since many of the international leagues such as the NBA or NFL in America never come to New Zealand, punters have to put in a bit more effort in order to get to know not only the sport but the players as well. As with any sports betting one has to have a very good working knowledge of all of the teams in in the league in order to place successful bets. A great advantage of betting on international leagues is that New Zealanders don’t usually feel any particular loyalty to any one team, so they can make detached decisions about betting on the games.

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Information on these as well as the teams in them can be found online on a number of sites. Looking up their performance history via news articles and statistics is an imperative exercise before one places any bets on teams or games. There are a large number of tipsters on the internet who also provide information on the various leagues, but as with local sports taking what they say with a pinch of salt is recommended.

Fills In The Gaps

Betting on international leagues often provides punters with action during the dry seasons locally. Local sports do not run all year round, but some international ones such as the NBA do. Games are played every night which means that punters always have something to entertain themselves with.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Betting on international leagues can be exciting as it provides a more exotic edge than local sports. Many punters fall into the trap of trying to bet on too many, and end up spreading themselves too thin. Most New Zealand punters follow cricket as well as rugby, and know the sports and the players very well.

Learning new options can of course be undertaken, but be careful not to try and cram too much information into one head. By concentrating on one or two international leagues you can be assured of getting to know them properly and thus being able to place informed wagers.

Betting on international leagues takes practice as most New Zealanders have not grown up around the sports and the players. The best advice is to keep at it, understand that there will be losses in the beginning but with experience betting on international leagues can be a profitable and exciting experience.

With audiences expanding, and connectivity to the internet closing the distance between people, there’s been an upsurge in the amount of people watching and betting on international leagues. For example, Canadian players can bet at their favourite Canadian mobile casinos one moment, and in the very next place a bet on the NBA.