Biggest betting myths

Myths Of the Sports Betting World

Sports betting has been around for many years now, growing in popularity and accessibility until it has spread to almost every corner of the globe. As with many things which have been around for ages, and involve a lot of people, certain myths and old wives’ tales have perpetuated even into modern time. In this blog, we have a quick look at a few of them, and why they are untrue.

Bookies Always Win

This particular myth has been heard grumbled by unsuccessful punters for generations. The fact remains that bookies don’t always win, if they did then there would be no such thing as sports betting. The whole concept relies on punters trying their luck, and often being successful and turning a profit. Albert Einstein famously quipped that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.” If bookies always won, punters simply wouldn’t bet and the entire system wouldn’t exist.

Tipsters Always Have The Dead Cert

Tipsters are those people, most of whom these days are online, who feed you little pieces of information such as which horse is going to win in the three o’clock. They always seem to have a secret inside line to information and may appear wildly confident. The fact is that no one really knows what is going to happen unless the game or race is rigged. These days tipsters do their research, sure, and the majority of them are clued up in their particular fields and thus can make educated guesses, but no one can see the future, and therefore no tip from anyone is a dead cert.

Underdog Wins Make Bookies Cringe

Anyone who knows betting knows that bookies lay out odds on the game, or match going one way. You end up with a favourite and an underdog. Successful betting on the underdog usually results in a much bigger win than a successful bet on the favourite, which one would assume would make bookies upset. This simply isn’t true. Many bookies, and these days big Australian betting sites love a good underdog win. It rallies the crowds, makes everyone warm and fuzzy inside and of course lines punters pockets handsomely. Happy punters come back to place bets, it’s that simple.

Odds Don’t Matter

Oddly enough there is this idea that odds don’t really play a part in winning bets, you just need to pick more winners. This may be a very old school train of thought which was more at home in your grandfather’s time. These days any punter can do their research into not only how teams perform, but how betting actually works. The results show unequivocally that odds do matter. If we were to simply pick the winners all the time, we would not generate a long term profit. Reading odds and finding fair odds is a skill that all punters need to develop and hone if they wish to be profitable in the long run.

Sports Betting Is For Hardcore Gamblers

It’s not. People from all walks of life place sports bets these days. Online sports betting sites can be accessed on your mobile at any time, or on your PC, or tablet, or pretty much anywhere you are. Sports betting has become a national past time and a fun way to up the excitement of watching the game. There are no connotations, implications or any other old school negative ideals related to it at all, period.