Rugby Versus AFL – In What Way Do The Two Sports Differ?

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AFL and Rugby, Australia’s Two Greatest Passions

Most people around the world know and follow the sport of rugby. There is a world cup, and it is a developing sport in many countries, including those which do not have a history of playing it. AFL, however, is almost endemic to Australia. The two sports are very similar, although there are some very important differences.

The Shape Of the Pitch

At first glance, the most obvious difference is the shape of the pitch. Rugby is played on a rectangle 100 meters by 70 meters. AFL is played on an oval which varies in length from 130 to 185 meters and width from 110 to 155 meters. The oval shape means that there are no corner balls, and obviously has an effect on how the game flows.

Passing Techniques

Another massive difference in the two games which is obvious if one watches enough of them to get to know how they work is the passing technique. In rugby, the players can only pass backward and kick forward. In AFL a player can pass any way from the hand, making it, again, a much faster flowing sport.

Many people will say that although the two fall under the same blanket umbrella of football in Australia, they are as alike as the NHL and NFL. Personally, I do not agree with this, as the basic idea is mostly the same.

Goal Scoring

Although the main aim of both games is the same: to score goals with the ball using the goal posts, they are achieved in different ways. In rugby one scores goals between two posts by kicking the ball over the crossbar.

You can also score points by putting the ball down by hand over the line, but tries don’t exist in AFL. Aussie Rules has four posts, with no cross bars. Again, this leads to a much faster, and more free flowing game with fewer stops.

AFL And Rugby - Australian sports betting online - best betting offers

War Tactics Versus Game Play

When one becomes attuned to the nuances of each individual game, you will begin to notice that rugby is played much like a battle on a battle field. The coach and players draw up a tactical attack on the other team and carry it out in a series of moves. AFL is a game which grew and evolved purely in Australia, making it somewhat like the animals over here, which are totally unique.

Betting On Either

When placing bets using an online or mobile site on either of the two games, it is wise to decide which of the two you prefer. AFL Premiership betting is huge in Australia, but not as big in the rest of the world. There are fewer teams and no world cup.

The league is local, and although growing in popularity still has a long way to go to catch up to rugby. Getting to know the sport and its players and teams may be easier than studying all the options when it comes to rugby betting. There are fewer teams and players to get to know, and because it is an indigenous game you will likely be able to physically go to watch more of the matches than international rugby.

Rugby betting is huge. There are many teams, and many things to get to know before placing a bet. The advantage of it is that there are many more resources on rugby than on AFL, so studying the history and tactics of each team may be easier. Basically, it’s up to you to choose which one appeals to you the most.