Greyhound Racing – What the Future May Hold In New Zealand

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The Future Of Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a fast-paced sport akin to thoroughbred racing but is known as much more accessible than its grander cousin. This is mainly due to the costs involved in keeping and racing dogs verses keeping and racing horses.

The tracks are smaller and more manageable, as are the overheads. In New Zealand greyhound racing is known for its friendly people and enjoyable outings, but the opinion of the sport is starting to take a dark turn worldwide.

What does this mean for the future of greyhound racing and the punters who love to bet on it?

World Wide Opinion

Currently, there are only eight countries worldwide in which greyhound racing is legal. New Zealand is one of them, and Australia counts as one as well although the sport is banned in certain states.

This is mainly due to allegations of cruelty in the sport, not only while the dogs are in running form but after they finish competing as well.

The fact remains that there will be cruelty allegations in pretty much any sport that involves animals. The thoroughbred and standardbred racing industry has come under fire again and again for its so-called death rate, as has many other equine sports such as eventing. Something about people betting on animals and industries based around that makes them a target for protesters.

But What Does It All Mean?

So, what exactly does this all mean for the future of greyhound racing? The fact is that the future of the sport is unsure. New Zealand is known for its well treated animals, including greyhounds, so supporting the tracks


by taking a punt on a race is definitely not promoting animal cruelty. Some other countries have laxer animal protection laws, so betting on dogs there may be a bit dodgy.

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There are many great organisations in NZ which are fighting hard for the sustainable future of greyhound racing, many of which are linked to betting sites in some way.

One way which this is being done is to offer a number of specials for both new members to sports betting sites as well as existing ones who wish to place a punt on a race.

The best bets NZ can be found quite easily using the Internet and provide for both the casual and serious punter.

Improving All The Time

One of the favourite terms which protesters cite is the “wastage rate” of the dogs in the industry. In years gone by, certainly this was an issue, but more and more trainers and breeders are taking responsibility for their dogs, and finding them forever homes where they laze about on couches and look beautiful.

A number of organisations specialise specifically in rehoming greyhounds, even those which are not deemed fast enough to race.

As with any racing sport, finding a winning animal is a bit of a hit and miss process, so a number of them have to be bred in order to find one winner.

The Outcome Goes To the Dogs

Greyhound racing, despite the protesters, is relatively safe in New Zealand. The NZ public loves their animals and won’t tolerate an industry which takes advantage of them, thus helping to ensure that the greyhound racing business stays not only viable but sustainable as well.

Punters will most likely continue to bet on the dogs for many years to come, and even be able to adopt their favourite runner after he or she has retired.