Popular Betting Markets in Australia – What to bet on and Where

Popular Betting Markets

The Australian sports betting market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, with many popular betting markets within. With an estimated 80% or so of Australian residents engaging in some form of gambling, the number of online betting sites sports betting fans has dramatically increased in the last 10 years.

There are many different popular betting markets that can be found across the whole of Australia, for example Cricket and Rugby are some of the biggest sports played in Australia and are enormously popular. Many punters will be placing a wager on these matches on a weekly basis as most of the Rugby and cricket matches are played throughout the year not only on a seasonal basis.

Australian Football League

Australia’s most popular sport is watched by most Australians as well as various other sports fans across the world. Wagering a bet on these AFL games adds to the fun of supporting your favourite team that would be playing in any given tournament.

Tournaments are played across the year and this creates a wide variety of different betting opportunities for the local and international sports fans. These wagers vary as sports fans can wager on many different aspects of the game such as which player will score the first goal or even which player might be substituted first.

National Rugby League

National Rugby League is a very popular sport in Australia, this sport is very similar to Rugby Union however is faster and more flowing. Many of the rules are the same as Rugby Union bar a few that have been changed to make the sport more appealing to watch for both the crowd and television supporters. This is one of the most popular betting markets, as Rugby has a huge following in the country.

Wagering on National Rugby League is accessible via most Australian betting sites which will offer the punter a wide variety of different betting odds or even special bets. There are ranking logs of all the teams currently playing in the Australian tournaments as well as schedules of where the matches will take place. It is recommended that punters placing a bet on any one of these teams do research before placing a wager.

The NRL - Popular Betting Markets in Australia - Online Sports Betting

Cricket Betting

Cricket used to be called Australia’s favourite pastime sport, as it has a long and brilliant history of being played worldwide. Australian cricket is ranked as the best team to watch as the teams of past and present have always been a dominating factor to play against.

Wagering on this sport is great fun for the average punter as Australian cricket is widely supported not only in Australia but also across the world. Many wagers are placed on Australia for an outright win over their opponent in international cricket. Wagering on Australian cricket can be tricky however as there are three different formats of the game, namely five day matches, one day cricket also know as limited overs cricket and the quick paced T twenty option as well, so be sure to do sufficient research on not only the teams you would like to bet on but also the format.

Horse Racing

The final and possibly one of the most popular betting markets in AU is horse racing. Both thoroughbred racing and harness racing are widely competed across the country with tracks being found in most towns. The big thoroughbred races attract international horses which creates very rich betting pool. Wagering on horse races is a massive source of income for both online sites as well as the Australian TAB.