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Suggested Beginner Bets

The sports betting world can be a confusing place with a large number of betting markets and betting types available from a large number of sites. For those Australian punters who wish to dip their toes into the world of online sports betting there are a number of bets and markets which are suggested beginner bets.


Racing is a very popular Australian pastime. There are a few different types of racing which are readily available and widely covered by a both sports betting sites as well as television channels. Horse racing, dog and harness racing are the most common with histories of the animals and the trainers being easily found online.

Racing is a good start for beginners as the main race days are well covered and many of the bets are pretty straight forward with not a lot of knowledge needed. Of course, no punter should wager on anything without doing their research first.

A win and a place are the two simplest of bets which can be placed on any race. A win bet is exactly what it sounds like, a straight bet on who will win the race.

There are no handicaps or any other complications involved in the bet you simply have to successfully predict the winner. Again, this should only be undertaken with at least a basic knowledge of the sport as well as the runners.

A place is similar to a win, but actually even simpler. With a place you are betting on one of the runners to come in either first second or third.

Beginner bets - each way bet - sports betting online

Sports Betting

The second biggest market for punters is Australian sports betting. This is basically betting on a sports match or game or even a whole tournament.

There are a number of popular sports including favourites such as rugby, cricket, tennis and soccer. Placing a bet on these can be done via most online betting sites. Again there are a number of bets offered by these sites, many of which are suggested beginner bets.

Win Bet

A win bet in sports betting is the sane as a win bet in racing. It is a simple bet on who will win the match or tournament. Punters can place a bet on their chosen team or player, but be aware that the pay out for these bets is lower than more complicated offerings. The easier the bet is to predict, the less it pays out.

Each Way Bet

An each way bet can also be placed on both a sports match or a race. This is a bet which covers the punter in the situation that their chosen horse or team comes in either first or second.

The bet costs a bit more than a win bet as the chances of it paying out are higher. This of course means that the pay out is less as again the higher the chance of winning, the lower you will get paid for a successful wager.


Handicaps or odds are point penalties which are imposed by bookies on either a team or a competitor. These are to ensure that race or match is fairer on the bookies books than it may be in real life.

For example if team A is vastly superior to team B, no one will place a bet on team B. The odds or handicap starts team A off with minus points so that they have to make them up in order for a punter to have a winning bet. These are not difficult to get the hang of with a bit of practice.