How to Bet on the AFL like a Boss

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Placing a bet on the AFL is growing in popularity in New Zealand thanks to the advent of online betting. There are a number of sites which offer a number of different wagers of the AFL league ranging from simple to the more complex. Each wager should be looked at carefully before any punters place money of them, as some wagers are more appropriate for more experienced bettors while some are suited to new comers.

Simple AFL Wagers

As with every sport the simplest wager which one can place is a win bet. This is a plain bet on who will win a game. Although the wager seems more appropriate for beginners to the AFL betting world, it can be a bit more complicated than it seems, especially when the teams are very close in quality.

A win bet is one of the first bets offered by NZ betting sites and remains one of the most popular bets placed on an AFL game both by New Zealanders and Australians. Also known as a head to head bet, this bet takes into consideration odds on the teams which are set by bookies. Being able to work out the odds on a game yourself will go a long way to making your win bet more confident.

A league winner bet is the second most popular bet which falls in to the simple wager category. This is placed by punters of all experience levels and is just what it sounds like; who will be the outright winner of a league. Again being able to calculate your own odds and probability will help you make more confident wagers instead of relying on online tipsters.

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Complex Bets

As with all leagues there are a number of more complex wagers available for punters from New Zealand to place on the AFL. Good examples of these include futures betting as well as some prop bets.

Futures betting should only be undertaken by a punter with an intimate knowledge of the AFL. This is basically a bet set out before the AFL season as to how the season will progress, and which teams will end up in the final.

Futures betting is exceedingly difficult but with the difficulty comes the opportunity for great profit. Keeping a good record of how the teams performed in the previous season will help you to predict the outcome of the potential future.

Prop bets or proposition bets are always a fun way to place wagers for both experienced punters and beginners to the online sports betting world. A prop bet can be a bet on pretty much anything, ranging from more serious things such as who will score the next goal to more silly things such as whether a player will fake an injury or get a red card.

Prop bets are one of the best AFL bets to place, but caution should be taken as these can be placed live or in game and can accumulate quickly if one is not paying attention.