Why Betting On The Underdog Is Fun

Why Betting On The Underdog Is Fun

Why Betting On The Underdog Is Fun

One aspect of sporting events that seems to be universal is that everyone loves the underdog. Be it football, rugby, or cricket, everyone loves to back the team least likely to win, since there is little as sanctifying as seeing a team destined to lose defy all odds and emerge the winner. There is one sport, however, where the underdog is more favoured than any other sport; boxing.

Perhaps because of the legendary Rocky movies, a boxing underdog is more supported than ever before. Sports fans love to get behind the boxing underdog, cheer until they are blue in the face, and hope that the odds are beaten, and the underdog can find the energy to go one more round. It’s like seeing a movie unfold before your eyes, especially if that underdog does manage to somehow come out on top.


But, if you’re a betting person, you’ll know that supporting the underdog can be about more than just seeing a sportsman achieve an unlikely goal. It can be about getting your pockets loaded with cash.

Betting On The UnderdogUnderdog

Your friends might call you crazy for putting down cash on the underdog boxer, since supporting the underdog is one thing, but putting money on the underdog is something else entirely. Putting money on a fighter destined to lose just doesn’t make sense. Or does it? Is it like playing the online pokies NZ has to offer, only more unpredictable?

When underdog fighters are assigned odds, those odds aren’t very favourable. That is, after all, what makes them the underdog in the first place. But the thing about unfavourable odds are that although they indicate a fighter is more likely to lose, they also indicate that a successful bet on that fighter is going to pay out in a big way. High odds are a dream come true, at least when it comes to placing bets.

Keep in mind that just a small bet on an underdog fighter turns into a huge amount of cash. A bet of just $10 on 1/10 odds turns into $100, after all, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Imagine 1/20 odds, or even 1/100 odds? Now we’re talking about some insane return on your wager.

When Is The Underdog Worth A Bet?

But one can’t just focus on the potential winning, what about the risk involved? Yes, there is always going to risk involved in betting on the underdog. But when is it actually worth it? When does the underdog actually have a chance of pulling through?

The truth is that if there was a solid answer to this question, there wouldn’t be much fun in betting on the underdog in the first place. One can study the history of fighters, research their previous fights, but never be able to truly tell if an underdog will or wont manage to pull through. It’s a mystery, and exactly what makes betting on a boxing underdog fun in the first place.

A sudden, unexpected punch could end the fight in a heartbeat, declaring the underdog a winner, and you a little but richer. Or, the underdog could go down in the second round. That’s boxing, and what makes the sport so entertaining.