What Are Cricket Novelty Bets?


What Are Cricket Novelty Bets?

When it comes to betting, cricket is one of the most bet on sports in the world. With extremely dedicated fan bases in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, online betting websites are virtually packed during world cup season. Fans place bets not only as a way to show support for their favourite teams, but also as a way to get a bit of extra cash in the pocket.

The most obvious cricket bet to place, and the most commonly placed bet, is simply a wager on a team to win. It adds an extra layer of entertainment to the match, and can often result in a double dose of excitement, given that the favoured team pulls through and wins.

But what about those who don’t know much about cricket teams, and so feel less confident in placing bets, or those who are tired of placing the same old normal bets? Novelty bets might be exactly what these people are looking for. Novelty bets are bets based on obscure, unusual, or often-bizarre aspects of cricket sporting events, and are quickly becoming popular.

How Do Novelty Bets Work?

Novelty bets are aimed at bet makers who are looking for something a little different, or just enjoy making strange bets about seemingly odd aspects of a cricket game. It’s a great form of online gambling casino has to offer, and many other sites across the globe now offer it too. For example, how about placing a bet on how often a player will drop a catch? Or how about a bet on whether a player is injured, and will require medical attention?

These are just some of the novelty bets being offered, and they certainly seem bizarre at first glance. But, give novelty bets a bit of time, and you may quickly learn that they are engaging, interesting, and can open up an entire new perspective on the game of cricket.


For those who like to stick to the more central themes of cricket, novelty bets on how many sixes a player will hit, or in what time frame a player will go out, are available, which are a bit more straightforward. These will appeal to those who know the game and teams well, and can make for excellent side betting options. After all, what could be better than not only succeeding on a winning team bet, but getting a little something extra for a side bet?

Where To Place Novelty Bets

Many online bookmakers now offer novelty bets on cricket matches. As to which websites offer which novelty betting options will vary, however, so looking around at a few different websites may be required. Remember that odds will be given on each novelty betting option, so it’s important to pick a betting option carefully.

Also keep in mind that novelty betting options have forums and tipping websites of their own. So, if serious about placing a novelty bet, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research, and try place the best bet possible. Money is money, after all, and just because a bet is a bit offbeat, it doesn’t mean that good money cannot still be made.