Three AFL Betting Strategies

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Nonchalantly laying a bet before the ball’s first bounce is not going to do you good over the long term: if you want to start making steady money betting on AFL, you will need to have a strategy in place.

I recommend that you narrow your focus, and try to start specialising in one or two niche betting options within the game. This article outlines my favourite three.

1. Live Betting on the AFL

Betting live on AFL games has been rather underserved up until quite recently, and this largely as a result of online restrictions, with people not wanting to take the time to call up and place their wagers.

Thanks to live betting becoming more widely available at internet-based bookmakers, more people are taking advantage of this avenue for laying their wagers, and the results can be rather remarkable.

The best part of live betting has to be the volatility: it can be like a 20-year stock-market condensed into mere hours. This factor is also responsible for the opportunity this kind of betting creates, and whether this is subtle or wild will depend on the game.

live afl betting - Australian Football League

For example, the Swans, who started at $2.10, and who you liked from the get go, may have had to concede the first two goals, and now stand at $2.34. Do you have the necessary information –and confidence –to know that the market has overvalued these goals in order to bet now and get a better price?

Or is there more opportunity in laying the Bombers, who are four goals up by the end of the first half of the game? Which team started strongest, and which one finished strongest? These kinds of questions lie at the heart of your live AFL betting strategy, and can see you make some excellent returns if you know what you are doing.

2. Betting on the Brownlow

The Brownlow Medal, awarded to the Fairest and Best Player in the AFL, is an event in itself. The sheer number of transactions around it are staggering, especially in the final week, when team prop markets also become available.

There is nothing stopping you from making a Brownlow Medal leaderboard of your own, and tracking the most likely winner in this method in order to bet more accurately when the time comes to do so.

Live AFL Betting - Chas Brownlow Trophy - Australian Football League

3. Futures Betting on the AFL

The Premiership market is a wonderful opportunity in its own right as well, with two for the top four teams last year trading at $70 or higher.

The fluctuations over the course of an AFL season are bigger than you may imagine, and the finals are just as volatile, which is great news if you’ve done your homework and applied yourself as far as these kinds of wagers are concerned.

4. Narrowing Your Focus Wins More Money

As you can tell from the strategies outlined above, delving deeply into one particular aspect of the markets available for the sporting events you enjoy will give you a lead that translates directly into more money in your pocket. Find yours and start winning today!